Nov. 5th, 2010 12:24 pm
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So, this is me, Hypatia, making my first post, as a test/introduction. I'm a little tired right now, because I worked very late, then celebrated, then got home at ungodly o'clock, and then had epic insomnia... and insomnia is a pretty common problem for me, so this is going to be par for the course.

I feel I should talk about me a little: I'm white, female, cisgendered, able-bodied and unusually healthy, for the most part able-of-mind, in-betweenie fat, short, Jewish of culture & belief but not matrilineally, young (early twenties) and I come from a (lower) upper class background. Oh, and I'm bisexual... with a few caveats, like that I don't date or enter sexual/romantic situations.

Which brings me to the next point: I'm a feminist. I'm a geek, but I'm not so hard-core that I always fit in in geek circles; plus I have limited patience for people who aren't even trying to have social skills (allowances being made for people working from a more limited set of circumstances, of course.) I'm artsy, but I'm a lousy artist. I like to write, but I'm scared to share. But mostly, I'm a baby feminist of whatever this thing is, this element of the third-wave which I suspect may actually be growing into a movement that deserves it's own name. I'm part of the 'Radicalized by the internet' crow. I only discovered contemporary feminism about a year ago, so really: very new.

My last point: I'm pseudonymous. I have a rare, actually a unique name, and I work in a field where your name/reputation are everything. I want to be able to say things that are wildly radical, at least to some people's minds, and I want to be able to avoid certain consequences like not being hired because potential bosses google me. (Freelancing is tricky: It is much easier to avoid hiring someone for a temporary contract than it is to fire them from a salaried position. I'm too afraid to give up the privileges I have, when it comes to this.)

So, welcome, thanks for being here, and I hope this posts successfully.
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